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Pick a Letter

Pick a Letter

There are many styles of estate agency operating in the East London area, and picking the right one to sell your property can be daunting.

Over this series of articles we have made reference to a number of issues to consider so that you can make an informed choice when the time comes for you to sell.

Different agencies provide different services, yet some people are not aware of the indirect benefit that apparently unrelated services can offer. For example, choosing a selling agent who also does lettings could be the make or break of your sale! There are several reasons for this:

Firstly, as sales and lettings agents, we have long-term buy-to-let property investors permanently on our books who buy through us regularly. They know us, and they make quick decisions and reliable offers. They prefer to buy through an agency that does lettings because it is easy for them to let out their new investment, as we are often able to find a tenant who can move in immediately the property sale has completed.

Secondly, many of our tenants subsequently go on to buy a property. As we build a relationship with our tenants we are therefore in prime position to be able to help them buy one of our own clients’ properties.

Thirdly, there are times when a vendor decides not to sell, but to rent, or even pursue both routes simultaneously, in which case we are of course well positioned to handle both. Likewise, it is often the case that a prospective tenant decides to buy instead of renting, again adding to our stock of pre-qualified buyers.

So when the time comes to sell, pick a letter! It will improve your chances – and probably your price!

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