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Haydar Sehri's blog

The Bank of Mum and Dad

With the average house price in the UK being £254,000 and £500,000 in London, the average salary of £26,500 isn’t anywhere near enough to cover buying a home. Even if you go in with a partner earning the same, there is still around a £50,000 deposit required get a mortgage. Many find it hard to scrape together living costs, let alone save for a deposit when living away from the parental home. Thankfully the bank of Mum and Dad is there for many.

Beware The Non Paying Tenant

In 2013, just under 40,000 tenants were evicted from their homes by court appointed bailiffs according to the Ministry of Justice. This is the highest number since records began and is exasperated in London where rents are rising faster than wages.

If people lose their jobs or their unsustainable lifestyles catch up with them when their credit supply stops, how can you protect against loss of rent?

London - Safe as Houses

With just under 8.2 million people squeezed into 606 square miles, London is one of the most populous places in the UK and 24th in the world. All these people need a place to live.

London is often in the top 5 of the world’s most expensive cities to buy property and in 2013 it was number 2 just behind Monaco. Why are London prices so expensive and tipped to continue rising?

Two Homefinders Estate Agency Branches Named Amongst Best in London

The London estate agent Homefinders has been named amongst the best in London by industry experts AllAgents.

The largest directory and review website for the property industry, AllAgents is a professional rating engine. It has named two of the Homefinders branches as being amongst the best in their area for 2013. The accolade comes as the family run company, which has a number of locations throughout East and North London, continues to garner five star reviews from clients.

Don’t Be Lazy With Your Mortgage

Not so long ago the governor of the bank of England, Mark Carney, said that interest rates would not rise until the unemployment rate hits 7%. At the last count it had gone down to 7.4% and all indicators point towards a continuing decrease.

When unemployment does hit 7%, this will not mean an instant hike in the bank base rate (currently 0.5%), but it will become an option. Many economists expect this to happen towards the end of this year or the start 2015.

Getting Personal Through Technology

The opportunities opened up by technology in estate agency have been enormous, yet many local agents simply use their website as a glorified shop window. Like any agency window, the properties displayed need to be regularly updated and presented in a way that inspires buyers to take things further.

But a good estate agency website is more than a simple property search tool. If that’s all it did, it would be a bit like only being able to get the news on TV!

The Power of Pre-Marketing

There is a strong argument for creating maximum exposure for a property during its time on the market, and much of our effort and resources are spent achieving the right exposure in the right places.

However, one of the most powerful ways of securing a fast sale at a high price can actually result from minimal exposure – or rather exposure only to a select few!