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Haydar Sehri's blog

Quick Response Property Marketing

You may have noticed that we are among the first local estate agents actively to use QR (Quick Response) codes, and with good reason. A QR code is the increasingly familiar black and white square matrix you see alongside our property adverts and window displays.

As progressive estate agents we have always been keen to embrace technological innovation, but not for its own sake. QR codes are a great example of smart technology being used to the tremendous advantage of both our buyers and sellers.

Help to buy

In March 2013, the government started the Help to Buy scheme which offers one of two options for new homebuyers or home owners looking to move. The first phase was a mortgage equity loan and the second phase rolled out in October 13 is a mortgage guarantee. Both require that the property value does not exceed £600,000, the property is to be your sole residence with no other properties owned and you must take a repayment mortgage.

Mortgage Equity Loan

Why Students Need to Use a Letting Agent

Going to university is an exciting time. This is the first time most will have lived away from home and it’s a chance to learn more than just the course. It’s an experience of the wider world outside the home, a chance to make new friends and of course (and most importantly) drink cheaply in the student bar!

Finding a place to live is the second item on the list after having got into university. This is where many have fallen down and learnt a disturbing lesson which is quite simple; some people are dishonest and will steal your money.

With You All the Way

Many estate agencies simply act as a broking service that matches people to property. However, we are acutely aware that there is far more to successful selling than this alone. Indeed, over 30% of property sales in this country fail to reach completion, falling through for various reasons.

Relative Values

In any market, the conversation often revolves around the likely future of house prices. Will they go up, will they go down, will they remain stable?

Even the most credible authorities tend to disagree on the direction of property prices and sales volumes, so where does that leave the humble consumer? Baffled!


The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) legislation was introduced into the lettings sector in October 2008 and as part of the lettings process, landlords are required to make an EPC available to any prospective tenant.

The Advertising Myth

It would not be unreasonable to assume that as a property comes on the market, the instructed estate agent will post the property details on various property portals and wait for the enquiries to roll in.

However, this approach is somewhat simplistic! We take a much more strategic and proactive approach to handling new buyer enquiries. There is a fallacy surrounding adverts in that many people think that a property sells as a direct result of the publication of its corresponding advertisement. This is simply not true in most cases.

Buying on Instinct

Recent research concurs with our own view that most buyers buy on instinct, typically viewing their eventual home no more than twice before making a decision to buy.

Buying a property certainly appears to be a decision of the heart over the head. In other words, the “I’ll know it when I see it” approach turns out to be quite reliable.