Haydar Sehri's blog

Haydar Sehri's blog

The Fish Pond Incident

One of our tenancies came to an end and the client had decided to keep hold of the property rather than re-let it. He was thinking of selling and asked to pop round before the tenants moved out. We had inspected it a few months prior to the move out date and the tenants had been looking after the place, or so we thought.

Accidental Lawyers

After one of our tenants refused to vacate upon expiry of two months’ notice (Section 21), their landlord decided to apply for a possession order. We drafted papers on behalf of the client, they checked them, signed them, and we forward them to the court along with a cheque to assign the expense against the client’s property. It’s a fairly straight forward process and, after a few months of forms pinging back and forth from the client and the court, results in a possession order. Or at least it always used to be.