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Meet the team

Our most prized asset is our staff. Our Staff are members of the NAEA which ensures professionalism and more importantly, that they can offer you the best advices possible when dealing with one of the most expensive things you will ever sell, your property.

Comprehensive marketing

Our marketing is second to none. As well as being top search engine ranking website, we advertise on all major portals. As soon as your property is on our books as early as at the valuation appointment (if agreed), you will see the list of applicants we may have for your property and your property will be uploaded to our site and the portals there and then bringing the delay to almost ziltch.

Your property will also be advertised on ULU and other University sites straight away and will be offered to relocation agencies and the companies we work with.

Expert professional advice

We are members of NAEA, ARLA and Property Ombudsman and we are one of the first accredited agents through LLAS (London Landlord Accreditation Scheme run by Local Authorities). We also have ISO9001 accreditation for all our departments to show our commitment to service. Our senior managers are seasoned property professionals with years of experience and expert training behind them. All our managers and senior negotiators are either member of ARLA or NAEA or both as well as being accredited landlords. With the above, we are able to offer professional advice on all your property needs.

Capture your tenants attention

Property Descriptions are written by a published author in the property field. Instead of focusing on hard, cold facts, we focus on the emotional Unique Selling Points (USPs) of your property which makes a huge amount of difference for buyer enquiries. We put all this in a colour brochure, submit to all the major websites instantly and send to our registered applicants bringing you that step closer to a let.

We use wide-angle photography by a trained photographer to put your property in its best light and shows its natural space

Rent on time

What happens if your tenant pays late? Do you pay your mortgage or does your mortgage company charge you for non payment and enter a note on your credit record? If you can’t afford a single late payment, then rent on time is for you. We will pay you even if we haven’t received the payment, guaranteed.